Derek Dibble

Jonatha Wey, C.S.

Blake Windal

President - Darrel Dorr

SecretaryCarol Dorr

Film Presentations Mgr - Bruce Whiteway

Production Manager - Richard Webber

Research - Mary Neal Fullerton 

Archives - Louise Rawson

Production Designer - Angela Gronitz

​     The Effulgence Foundation strives to achieve excellence in presenting the history of early Christian Scientists, specifically 2nd generation workers, and the spirituality that elevated their life work.

Enriching the Understanding

Our Mission

     Many have asked the question "Isn't Longyear already doing this?" Longyear's mission focuses on Mary Baker Eddy and the early workers who knew the Discoverer of Christian Science personally. Today, we believe it's time to expand the history of Christian Science into the next generation of workers.

     These workers carried the Movement forward with their dedication, their love for Mrs. Eddy, and their steadfastness, which was so needed in their day.  They have some amazing stories to tell that are heartwarming and surprising. 

      We think you'll enjoy learning about them just as much as we've loved researching their lives and speaking with those who knew them.