The L. IVIMY GWALTER STORY – This is a film about one of the most dynamic workers in the Christian Science movement.  Ivimy Gwalter grew up in New York at a demanding time for our country and the world – a world torn by World War I. Our film shows how Miss Gwalter’s demonstration of the Science taught by Mary Baker Eddy would contribute to the healing of the country, the reviving of its economy, and bring healing to sufferers during the time of a major pandemic.  She was both a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science, contributed many articles for the Sentinel and Journal, and became one of the longest serving members of the Christian Science Board of Directors.

THE DR. JOHN TUTT STORY - Dr. Tutt was a brilliant man with a promising career in medicine. In fact, he became a doctor when he was only 19 at the end of the 19th century. But his dissatisfaction with the unpredictability of medical practice, coupled with his own healing experience in Christian Science, turned him wholeheartedly to the practice of this Science and its unerring divine Principle – which, he said, answered all theological and medical questions for him. Subsequently, he became one of the most well known lecturers and teachers of Christian Science in the 20th century. The film also covers the spiritual journey of this dedicated, resolute Christian Scientist through many challenges, trials, and victories.     


This documentary tells about one of the most dynamic reformers in government.  He single-handedly changed the prison system around the world. He was a dedicated Christian Scientist living his life to help mankind and he established much of the Christian Science institutional committee work that we know today.  Our film will illustrate how this excellent example of dedication and love would demonstrate the Science, as taught by Mary Baker Eddy, in one of the most demanding prison environments in the world, San Quentin.

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The John Randall Dunn Story



Elizabeth Earl Jones was an early worker in the Christian Science movement living in North Carolina. She was active in Committee on Publication work and fought to defend the rights of those who were practicing Christian Science in the South. She was an outstanding Christian Science practitioner, teacher and writer.  This documentary brings to life the trials and victories this dedicated worker experienced in the beginning days of the cause of Christian Science in America.

THE HELEN WOOD BAUMAN STORY – Christian Science was the answer to Helen Wood Bauman’s deep desire to help humanity, and her understanding of the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy bore fruit in an extensive healing practice. She went on to become a teacher of Christian Science, and her love for communicating its healing rules and laws, coupled with her love for writing, enabled her to have over 1000 articles published in the Christian Science periodicals. Our film gives viewers an inside look at an individual who would become the longest serving editor of the Christian Science periodicals.  


THE PAUL STARK SEELEY STORY– Paul Stark Seeley was one of the most beloved and respected lecturers in the history of the Christian Science movement. Graduating with a law degree from Harvard University, he left his law practice to practice Christian Science, the law of God, becoming a practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. The film documents not only his accomplishments, but also the challenges he would have to face and overcome. His story, as depicted in the film, shows how Mr. Seeley’s lectures fed a spiritually hungry world with the truths of Christian Science, as revealed to, and taught by, Mary Baker Eddy.

John Randall Dunn was intending to be a minister early in life and preach in the Episcopal church. When his father was healed of a severe physical condition he immediately wanted to tell the world about Christian Science and what it could do for mankind.  He would fulfill that desire by becoming a Christian Science Practitioner, teacher, lecturer, and an editor at the Christian Science Publishing Society.  He also authored a number of hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal.

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