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The Effulgence Foundation strives to achieve excellence in presenting the history of these early Christian Scientists and the spirituality that elevated their lifework.

The Effulgence Foundation is not a religious organization but recognizes and illustrates the essential moral character that was demonstrated in the lives of those individuals, through their followership of Christ Jesus and the teachings of Christian Science.

The Effulgence Foundation is open to all and cherishes sharing our research with those who are interested.

The Effulgence Foundation is an independent historical institution dedicated to the preservation of the history of early workers in Christian Science.  We focus specifically on the second generation of Christian Scientists who did not have direct contact with Mary Baker Eddy.  Through various programs that elevate and inspire the understanding, we bring to humanity a clear sense of those who selflessly served the Movement and continued the teachings of Christian Science in this generation. This mission inspires and challenges us. We know it will inspire and challenge you, as well!

Production Begins on our 4th Documentary

The L. Ivimy Gwalter Story is in development with our research department going full speed ahead.  Production teams are preparing for principal filming in March and the documentary is slated to premiere in early June of 2019 at The Willows in California.   

Enriching the Understanding