Host                                   Date      Time         Film

1st Ch of Christ, Scientists, Santa Barbara    1-19-24    6:30 pm     Tutt

Arden Wood , San Francisco, CA            1-20-24   10:00 am      Dunn

Twelve Acres, Los Gatos, CA               1-21-24   2:00 pm       Jones

Peace Haven, St Louis, MO                     3-2-24     6:00 pm     Tutt/Bauman

1st Ch of Christ, Scientist, Wilmington, NC     4-6-24     2:00 pm     Seeley 

Matt Ross Comm. Center, Overland Park, KS   4-20-24    5:00 pm     Tutt/Gwalter

   8101 Marty, Overland Park, KS

Wide Horizon, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO         5-25-24    7:00 pm      Jones


Nurse Service, Midland, MI                 6-22-24

Camps Leelanau/Kohahna                  6-23-24               Alco

1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Atlanta 


1st Ch of Christ, Scientist, Fullerton, CA        8-31-24   11:00 am     Gwalter

Daystar, OK City, OK                         10-19-24   11:00 am     Dunn

CS Society, Lubbock, TX                      10-24-24

The Leaves, Dallas, TX                        10-26-24

1st Ch of CS, Tyler, TX                        10-29-24

7th Ch of CS, Houston, TX                     11-1-24                  Bauman

Please contact the Host for the exact location and time of the presentation.


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